Apr 212013

I miss writing here…
but the problem is most of my shit in here was out of frustration to something related to Lebanon.
I have been out of Lebanon for almost 7 years now, I stopped looking at the news there, I am detaching more and more from it.
So the title: self hating lebanese no longer applies…
what to do… what to do…

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Mar 302013

In Lebanon, young people are fighting to get the right to have a civil marriage, opposed by religious nuts and sheep which of course in a place like Lebanon, they almost always win.
In the US, they are demonstrating for marriage equality for all genders and sexual orientation, opposed by religious nuts and sheep which of course in a place like the US, they almost always win.
I fucking hate religion, all religions. Religious people think it’s okay to force their views on others even if the others do not follow those religions and don’t believe in them.
Marriage is a contract between two adults ( unlike some of you religious freaks who think it’s okay to fuck 9 years olds…), what those 2 adults agree upon is no body’s business.
stupid people…

Dec 312012

As you guys can see this blog is mostly dead, but I still get a lot of theist people visit my website to bash my atheist views, they write me long comments with lots of insults, and anger then they finish it up that I need to find the truth, open my heart and shit like that. :P
I usually disapprove the comments before they show up in here because they never ever have real substance to them: bashing, quoting scriptures, quoting philosophers, etc.
So my question to you dear readers, do you want me to approve those comments from now on so you can have a go on each other? or just press the delete button?

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Jul 252012

I visited Vancouver last week, I really like it. Green, open space, ocean , mountains, polite people.I will try to move there 2013 or 2014.

I wanna take another vacation in mid September. Destination? I don’t know. Some possibilities:

1-France: Paris (got family there)

2-France: Alsace (got friends there, and they will be reading this here)

3-Scotland: Edinburgh (had a life there and friends)

4-Spain : not sure where.

5-Italy: not sure where

6-Sweden: Stockholm


Jun 112012

it sux when you find out that your uncle passed away the first thing in the morning from a fucking fb status…

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May 142012

Best question I have received in ages…


I really, really wonder why guys are so excited to occassionally slip their dick out of the vagina while fucking and they tap it on the pussy, on the pubic area
Like, tap tap tap
Then slip it back in and resume



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Apr 242012

Friend:  Wissam if Lebanon were a perfume, how would it smell like?

me:  a pile of shit with a flower in the middle of it you might get a hint of the flower smell or know it’s there but masked by tons of shit and you hope that someday people will stop putting more shit instead let the flowers use the shit as fertilizer and let it grow

Friend:  sprinkled with coriander :P

me:  that looks like kafta now

Friend:  You disgusting little asshole you ruined my creative project design hahah

me: lol

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Apr 022012

One of the things about being an INTJ is being able to detect very small pattern changes in anything. We can detect if someone is upset just by the type of words they use, or typos, or anything like similar without the other person telling us.

The problem with INTJ is that we are kinda insensitive and sometimes we blurt out things that are offending and hurtful to others without even knowing that we do that.

So every time I see someone upset while they are talking to me, I keep wondering in my mind if I did something wrong  or I offended them in any way. It ‘s worse when the person is a woman, because all I get is the “I am fine”, which it makes it harder.

I need a crash course in human interaction…


Feb 162012

I love G+ hangouts, meeting new people daily and having fun.

Something funny happened yesterday though.
G+ has the ability to notify you that your mic is muted and start talking before unmuting it. Which happens a lot than people think.
So yesterday I hidden my cam, and muted my mic to browse for a new laptop. and Suddenly I farted really loud. G+ app immediately asked me to unmute my mic. It cracked me up, I bet the neighbours heard me laughing…